About the Clinicians

Meet Our Team of Compassionate Therapists

At Holistically Divine Counseling, we are a group of compassionate and skilled professionals with over 25 years of combined experience dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals toward holistic wellness. Seeking therapy is a courageous step, and we strive to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for our clients to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings. Our team offers a wide range of specialties and approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, strengths-based therapy, and more. We are committed to tailoring our approach to meet each client’s unique needs and working collaboratively to develop a personalized treatment plan. Whether you’re seeking support for stress & anxietydepressiontrauma, or any other concern, we are here to support you on your journey toward healing and growth.

Our Staff

Our Approach to Healing

Our primary goal at Holistically Divine Counseling is to support our clients through a trauma-informed lens while actively working to decolonize the therapy space. We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment that respects and acknowledges our clients’ diverse experiences and histories.

  • Trauma-Informed Care: We approach our work with a deep understanding of trauma and its impact on individuals. Our team of professionals is trained in trauma-informed care, which means we prioritize safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, and empowerment in our therapeutic relationships. By acknowledging the role of trauma in our client’s lives, we aim to foster healing and resilience.
  • Decolonizing the Therapy Space: We recognize that colonial systems and biases have often shaped traditional therapeutic approaches. As part of our commitment to decolonization, we actively challenge these systems by incorporating diverse perspectives and practices into our work. We aim to create a therapy space that respects cultural identities, challenges oppressive norms, and supports the empowerment and self-determination of our clients.
  • Optimal and Holistic Healing: Our approach to therapy goes beyond symptom management. We believe in addressing the root causes of distress and promoting holistic healing. This means considering the interplay of various factors, such as physical, emotional, social, and cultural aspects, to support our clients in achieving overall well-being.

Please note that while we strive to provide the best possible support, individual results may vary. Therapy is a collaborative process, and many factors influence success, including client engagement, commitment, and readiness for change.
If you have any questions or concerns about our approach or the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you on your healing journey.